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Art in the Heart of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Another activity to do when in Kalgoorlie is the HeART Walk. It was lovely to walk around the city using the map that I picked up at the Visitor Centre. (It can also be downloaded from the website

This whole self-guided walking tour takes around 3 hours if done completely, but with plenty of coffee shops and hotels to visit along the way, it can also be done over several days. Expect to add 4kms to your step count.

Painted during 2017 and 2018 the work includes wall murals, window murals and dog tags. The world class paintings have been created by local Goldfields artists and visiting artists.

Jason Dimer is a Kalgoorlie-Boulder local artist. His specialty is in dot paintings of bush tucker, hunting, dancing and celebration of the Dreamtime. He was taught painting by his family. His wife and children helped him on two of the murals. Those little white creatures are witchetty or witjuti grubs, a bush tucker that is a source of protein.

Stormie Mills is a Perth based street and visual artist. His work is instantly recognized with his distinctive black, white, grey and silver whimsical characters.

Brenton See is a Perth artist who uses animals in his pieces, and has been influenced by David Attenborough documentaries.

Chris Nixon is a Perth based illustrator, designer and creative director. His animated mural celebrates local and Australian icons.

Andrew Frazer is an artist from Bunbury. He is inspired by stories of home, despair, redemption, pain and forgiveness.

Mulla Mulla Designs is a collaboration of artists Helen Ansell from Greenough and Peta Riley from Mullewa. This geometric design showcases their love of local flora.

Even walking around the city you can see impromptu pavement art inspired by the murals.

With over 56 works of art on the HeART walk, there is something to please everyone. Picking favourites was a difficult task as each painting will mean something different to each person. This is the beauty of art, we each interpret what we see in a different way. What pleased me most will not be what pleases the next person in the same manner. That is awesome. The Art in the Heart of Kalgoorlie "creates increased tourism, liveability and social cohesion in our city." - words from the HeART Walk brochure, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Happy Travels!

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