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An interesting museum in Barcelona, Spain

Well, one museum that was never on my bucket list was visiting the Erotic Museum in Barcelona. But then when in Spain…..

It was very easy to find, centrally located off la Rambla.

I was a bit nervous before entering (no pun intended), similar nervousness experienced just before you go into a sex shop for the first time. I don’t want anyone to think I am a dirty old lady, or on the other hand, a prude. Only my good friends know the truth.

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. They have a very positive outlook. 10 euro admission (20% cheaper if you have a Barcelona card). An audio guide is available for an extra $5 and I highly recommend this investment. It will enable you to take your time as you stroll leisurely through the exhibits.

There were various display areas which covered eroticism through the ages.

1. Ancient Civilisations

2. Oriental eroticism

3. Karma sutra


5. Eroticism in Europe

6. Lustful Barcelona

7. Grand Artists

8. Penis Rooms

9. Pin ups, Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon

10. Picasso & Dali

11. Sexual Records

12. Vibrators and Sex Dolls

13. Corsets

I was reminded of my visit to Pompeii in Italy. The ancient brothels in Pompeii had a lot of customers who were sailors from different countries around the world. Due to the lack of a common language, the walls were painted with various services offered, like a menu. The customer would point to the one he wanted. This made life easier for all.

The Erotic Museum had no lack of things to point to. There are over 800 pieces of equipment, machines, aids, sculptures, posters, pictures, and lots of post cards. The displays were extremely interesting and well set out. I learnt a lot from this museum. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the exhibits I can only post a couple of pictures.

There are great toilets, free WiFi and a large smoking area. There is a lovely and spacious indoor garden with big wicker chairs if you feel a bit faint or need to sit down. I think it is excellent that they have catered for almost everyone.

If you are repressed about your sexuality, this may be the museum to embrace it, rather than be embarrassed. Through the centuries erotica has been hidden away. In the 21st century is seems to have become more accessible due to the internet, and less shameful.

I highly recommend visiting this unusual museum. It was easy (again, no pun intended), a real pleasure. (OK, stop it now lol)

Safe Travels!

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