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Airport and Airplane Etiquette

So many little things annoy me when I am traveling, that it makes me want to be a better traveler myself. Have you ever been exiting a plane and found one family in front of you taking up the whole space left to right, and walking so slowly, you think they are going backwards? And even when to ask them if you can pass, they ignore you. ARRGGGHHHH!

Below are some of my personal tips for airport and airplane etiquette that I wish EVERYONE would follow. How many of these annoy you as well as me?

Don’t stop in the middle of a walkway. There are ALWAYS going to be people behind you that will bump into you. Step off to the side. It is infuriating to be walking along in an airport and have someone just stop without warning, in front of you.

Don’t push into a line. The plane is going the same place as everyone else in the queue.

If you are in economy, don’t try to sneak into the business lane when boarding (unless invited). It is rude, and being sent back to the economy line will be embarrassing. Plus, you will most likely have to go to the end of that queue and wait even longer.

Respect priority check in. Let those who need it use it.

Get on and off the plane quickly. Don’t hold up the aisle in your plane, going through your bags to get something out. Have it accessible. You won’t hold up the people behind you. I carry a small Ziploc type bag with earphones, gum, phone etc. and keep it in my pocket.

People in the middle of 3 seats on the plane get both armrests. It goes this way… people on the window or aisle seat get one armrest already. If you are in the middle, and they want to use yours, they should ask. If both window and aisle got both armrests, then the middle wouldn’t even get one.

Do not recline your seat. Of course, you are allowed to, but be kind to the person behind you. Your reclining seat limits their space. If you must recline, make sure to put your seat upright during meal services.

Help other passengers, especially parents. By helping someone if you can, lift their bag into the overheads, will make boarding quicker. Hopefully they will thank you and you will have done a RAK (Random Act of Kindness), thus feeling like the great and helpful person that you are.

Leave your shoes on. Just imagine what is on the floor, carried by other people’s shoes. This should be enough to scare you into leaving your shoes on for the entire flight.

Do not kick the seat in front of you, or keep jabbing at the TV screen in the seat in front of you. It is called a TOUCH screen for a reason.

Use a travel pillow, do not bring a full sized pillow on the plane. It takes up too much space and often intrudes on the space of the person next to you.

Help keep your area clean. Don’t drop rubbish on the floor, or stuff it into the seat pocket in front of you. The staff will come and collect rubbish at various times throughout the flight.

If you don’t want something to eat that is on your food tray, offer it nicely to another person in your row.

Exit the plane by rows. First rows first etc. Be polite. If someone is struggling with their luggage, don’t push past. Either wait for them patiently or offer to help.

Always smile and thank the airline staff, especially when exiting. They do an amazing job.

If you are traveling with others, do not take up the entire width of the walkway after exiting the plane.

Does anyone have any other great ideas? Leave them in the comment section below.

Happy Travels!

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