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A Topiary town in Tasmania Australia

Railton is known as the Town of Topiary in Tasmania, Australia.

There are more than 100 topiary characters growing in and around the town.

81 kilometres west of Launceston, with a population of 1000 people, locals wanted to attract visitors to this rural town. Neil Hurley, a local resident, had the idea to plant a topiary, and the idea has grown since then (pun intended).

This is a whole-of-town project with many locals having a topiary on their front lawn. As I drove around town viewing the topiaries I admired the efforts of a whole community coming together to create this wide spread gardening project.

To make the topiary, it all starts with a wire frame. Then growing branches are trained to grow in and around the frame.

Regular pruning and maintenance is required to shape it into an identifiable character. The plant is a Box Honeysuckle (Lonicera ligustrina) which is a quick growing plant with small leaves.

It also makes a good looking hedge. Is that the Lochness monster rising up?

Animal topiaries are the prevaling theme and include sharks, octopus, wombats and cows. My favourite was the racehorse, complete with jockey, jumping over a fence.

There is even topiaries spelling out the town’s name.

Both sides of the wide main street features a parade of twisted topiary.

When a whole town gets together with a common theme and a common goal to attract visitors to its little piece of paradise, it is inspiring. For others to enjoy their hard work and dedication is appreciated by the Railton residents. They are all to be commended!

Happy Travels!

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