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A delightful Floral Fantasy in Singapore

1,500 square metres of floral beauty will take your breath away at Floral Fantasy, located in the Gardens by the Bay Singapore.

As the meandering path entices you through the defined carpeted walkway, look up to observe hanging bouquets and then all around for the flower arrangements. Over 15,000 fresh, cut and preserved flowers have been used to introduce the visitor to four separate landscapes, that effortlessly blend together. It can take as little as five minutes to traverse the path, or as long as an hour. The timing depends on how long you pause to admire the flora.

The first of the four distinct areas is dance, where the overhead plants gently sway in the air.

In the float garden, sits guardian Nobu.

Look upwards to the delicate fuscias, listen for the gentle sound of water in the brook, inhale the perfumed smells in the air.

Waltz is a rain oasis. The water falls into pools surrounded by flowers.

Drift resembles a gently lit cave, where plants from Central and South America dazzle.

Floral fantasy is one large walk through bouquet and includes various stunningly designed arrangements made with dried flowers.

The Merlion is a Singapore icon. His tale begins on a wet stormy night. Loud crashing ocean waves and ferocious winds had the Singaporeans shivering in fear. A huge creature, half man and half fish emerged from the violent sea and battled the ocean. Eventually nature returned to its calm and peaceful state. The people cheered. The Merlion had saved them. A wooden sculpture of the Merlion guards the garden at Floral Fantasy.

Floral Fantasy has different places to rest, relax and recharge.

There are not as many flowers here as there are in the nearby Flower Dome. This is a more concentrated display of floral arrangements. It is beautiful. The creativity and groupings are lovely. I am glad that I visited and was able to admire a different aspect of Gardens by the Bay in Singpore, the city in a garden.

For opening hours and more information go to their website: Floral Fantasy

Happy Travels!

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Jan 21, 2023

So beautiful!


Jan 16, 2023

i love the flowers so much. I hope to visit one day Singapore!


Dec 30, 2022

The gardens in Singapore are so beautiful you just want to go and have look at them Singapore is not called the garden City for nothing

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