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5 things to see and do in Nannup, Western Australia

Nannup is known for its annual Music Festival, annual 4 week flower and garden show, walking trails, mountain or road biking, and art and craft galleries. With around 12 coffee shops and food venues, as well as the Nannup Hotel, there are plenty of places to eat here.

A population of 600 call this town home, and it is a 282km (174mi) drive from Perth.

These are my top five things to see and do in the gorgeous country town of Nannup, even on the rainy day I last visited there.

The Tiny Tea Shop

This has been a favourite destination of mine since arriving in Western Australia. Here you can purchase from a range of over 80 different types of loose leaf tea. Blended teas are made up especially here. Have your own uniquely made. Also available to buy are various teawares. A delicious hot cup of chai is almost essential buying when visiting here. On sunny days there is seating outside for you to enjoy your tea nectar.

Their slogan is – “We enliven the passion and art of drinking tea”. So true.

Shop 15, Forrest St, Nannup


Wild Eyed Shop

Mark and Leanne White are the owner of Wild Eyed Press and the Wild Eyed Shop at 33 Warren Road, Nannup. I was fortunate enough to meet Mark on the day I visited and he enthusiastically told me about the books, cards and stationary they produce. They specialise in quality picture books and stationary with an Australiana theme. This shop is an emporium with Australian artisan creations available to purchase. I loved their woolen wraps and beautifully smelling lotions. This shop entices you to browse through and linger a bit longer than you originally intended. The products here are lovely and made of natural materials such as wood, wax, soap, clay and textiles. Also in the same building are works of art by Leanne, a talented artist. I was in awe of the beauty in this lazy susan, with a beautiful wooden inlay and surrounded by natures shells in resin.

A Taste of Nannup and Beyond

Another emporium style shop that showcases local produce, arts and crafts from the south-west region of Western Australia. There are so, so many things for sale here. From hats to art supplies, wood-turned art works to jewellery, maps to soaps, food to souvenirs, the choices are astounding. Over 60 artisans stock their products in this store.

16 Warren Road, Nannup

Tracking the Nannup Tiger (Thylacine)

Since 1936 there have been many reported sightings of an animal known as the Nannup Tiger, also called the Pemberton Panther. It has been said that it looks like a thylacine. Despite eye witness accounts, there has been no confirmed evidence of this creature in the area since 1936. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story though. The Thylacine did live in Australia once. However, it is now classed as an extinct species. The only time we can now definitely see one is taxidermied in a museum. A small Thylacine exhibition is located in the clocktower. Ten statues of the tiger can be found in and around town.

Local Pride

Also in the clocktower are pictures and stories from when the film Drift was filmed in Nannup in 2013.

A display of the various woods found in the area shows the different colours, textures and grains of the blackbutt, karri, jarrah, marri and sheoak. Various businesses in town sell items made from these local timbers.

A phone app with a list of activities to do and places to stay or visit in the area is Experience Nannup.

When you are all shopped out, or worn out from walking, the coffee shops in town offer outdoor table settings in magnificent gardens. What a wonderful way to relax and enjoy all that Nannup has to offer.

Happy Travels!

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