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20 Reasons to live a year in New Zealand

I am considering my next destination to spend a year. Each time I have visited New Zealand, I have been awed by its beauty and people. Here are 20 reasons why I would live a year in New Zealand.

1. The pace of life is slow and relaxed

2. The locals are friendly

3. Stunning natural scenery

4. Booming culinary and cultural scene

5. Rugby

6. Freshest air in the world

7. Gorgeous landscapes

8. Fishing

9. Locally grown produce

10. Safe

11. History

12. Lots of small town festivals

13. SNOW

14. The Lord of the Rings was filmed here

15. You can visit Hobbiton

16. Glow worm cave tours

17. Fantastic culture and country pride

18. Rotorua thermal hot springs and geysers

19. Fish and Chips

20. No snakes, crocodiles or poisonous spiders

Can you add any more? I would love to read your comments

Happy Travels!

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