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10 things to do if you injure yourself on holidays

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The reason I haven't posted for the last few weeks is because I had a small accident and broke my hand.

a broken hand all bandaged up

As my dominant hand is the one I broke, it has slowed me down considerably and meant I could not do a lot of things, including typing. Fingers crossed (not me obviously... cross yours for me!) that the cast comes off in two weeks time.

One of the frustrations is that being injured slows you down... a lot! No driving, no bike riding, no kayaking etc. Public transport has become more of my transportation mode than ever before. It has also been frustrating to not get out and about as I wish. I was cancelling a lot of events because I couldn't get there. This was resulting in becoming sad. However, I have also learnt to ask others for assistance more often, and found they are happy to help.

Going out for dinner with others means I can eat better than at home, because friends will cut up my food for me to eat with just one hand and fork. They also drop me off at home afterwards, which is lovely.

Being less mobile means becoming more isolated. With more time spend at home, what can I do with one hand? What would you do if you were somewhere without anyone to assist you?

  1. Ensure that you are covered by health or travel insurance. Injuries and illness are costly.

  2. Learn that eating takeaway food or pre-prepared food more often is all right. It isn't forever.

  3. Binge watching TV is OK some of the time. Rest is important to heal.

  4. Audio books are a great way to enjoy a book without having to hold a book or e-reader.

  5. Phone friends and have great catch up calls.

  6. Go for walks. I was surprised when total strangers of all ages asked me how I injured myself. The three year old at the shopping centre wanted to kiss my "ouchie" better lol

  7. Ask others for help. It will also benefit them as they will feel great having done a good deed.

  8. Plan ahead. You may not be able to do what you want right now, but mark your calendar and diary with what you will be able to do soon.

  9. Realise that it is OK if the floor is not swept every day. Some things can wait, or pay someone to come in and do it for you.

  10. Be kind to yourself. Have a facial or pedicure, at a salon or at home. I finally got my hair trimmed professionally, and have been more diligent with treating myself at home. Face masks, hand creams, foot soaks etc are brilliant ways to self pamper.

I am focusing on the future, this injury is just temporary. Sometimes it is not possible to avoid injuring yourself on holidays. (How did I do it? I fell off my bike and as I was trying to stop my face from kissing the road, I put my hand out and karate chopped the concrete. The concrete won!)

Happy Travels!

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Apr 02, 2021

Hello Helen. Do you have any suggestions for health and travel insurance in Oz? I can't find anything that covers a few months on the road that suits a retiree and is not vehicle or flight related. Even health insurance seems to be related to covering lost work income. Thanks Margaret from Cairns, Qld 😣

Helen Avaient
Helen Avaient
Apr 05, 2021
Replying to

If you are with a private health fund they usually offer great deals in travel insurance

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