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10 places to eat and drink in Williams Arizona USA

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Williams Arizona has a lot of attractions to see and do. This small town of only 3,000 people welcomes visitors passing by on Route 66 or stopping on their way to the Grand Canyon. There is an abundance of places to eat and drink in town, and the following list is my personal top ten.

1. Pine Country Restaurant in Williams Arizona

Open for breakfast lunch and dinner, I really enjoyed eating in this American style nostalgic diner. The service is fast, the food delicious, and it has a 50s and 60s vibe to the place. They boast about their homemade pies which are made fresh every day and have over 45 different taste sensations. Always save room for pie. There is a gift shop on site with reasonably priced souvenirs. Servicing American home cooked style food, it is filling and delicious. I asked for the most popular menu item and was served the delicious and hearty country fried steak and eggs. Coming from Australia, we do not have this taste sensation on our menus, so it was great to taste food that Americans eat when they dine out.

107 N Grand Canyon Boulevard, Williams

a plate of chicken fried steak, smothered in gravy, with cubed potatoes, two eggs, toast and a side of jelly on a plate make for a mouth watering breakfast

2. The Fred Harvey Restaurant

This buffet restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner where guests can choose from an expansive and fresh selection of traditional buffet fare.

233 N Grand Canyon Boulevard, Williams

the buffet station at the Fred Harvey restaurant in Williams is a semi circle of chrome, wood and glass with home cooked food available to chose from

3. Anna's Place

Built in 1897, today’s visitors can stay in accommodation upstairs or eat in Anna's Place downstairs. Offering indoor and outdoor dining, they specialise in Mexican and American food.

137 W Railway Ave, Williams

a double storey brick bulding with red trim around windows and door. the green foliage grows up the wall from the ground. a mannequinn of a street walker leans out the upper window

4. World Famous Sultana Bar

Ok, I have to admit that I didn't eat a meal here but had to include this mega cool dive bar in my top ten list. It has great service, cold drinks, fabulous atmosphere and is one of the friendliest places in town to chat with locals. The cafe on site is open until midnight.

301 W Route 66, Williams

an old sign with a cocktail glass and the words Package Goods tops another sign saying World Famous Sultana Bar, in Williams Arizona

5. World Famous Steak House

Just down the same street is Rod’s steak house, also billed as world famous. It has been here since 1946. Nobody was quite sure exactly WHY it is famous, but the steaks are delicious and were cooked exactly the way I ordered.

301 E Route 66, Williams

a large sign in the shape of a cow on the roof and a statue of a cow on the sideway announce to all passersby that this is Rod's Steak House in Williams Arizona

6. Station 66

Wood fired pizza, homemade Italian food including one of the best lasagnas I have ever tasted, and fabulous drinks are just some of the benefits of eating at Station 66. The serving sizes are huge. Make sure you try the house made bread; it is divine.

144 W Route 66, Williams

A sign in the shape of a route 66 shield promotes the restaurant Station 66 with the words Pizza, Pasta and Beer under the business name. It is is red and white with black trim, the streetscape of Williams Arizona is in the background

7. Wild West Junction

The Long Horn Saloon is open for meals and drinks. They serve up delicious chicken, ribs and steaks. The sizes of the meals are large so bring a big appetite with you. The atmosphere is great, and you are welcomed like a favourite long lost cousin.

321 E Route 66, Williams

The outside of the long horn saloon looks like it was built in the 1800s. With blue painted wooden walls, this two storey building has a porch around the bottom level with shingles on the roof. Red posts support it, and a wooden sidewalk surrounds it. A modern day coke machine standing on the porch gives it away as a modern fixture

8. Fiesta

A Mexican grill with great atmosphere, and the smell when you enter this place makes your mouth water instantly. This is a family run restaurant. It isn't fancy but the food is delicious and authentic. I highly recommend the tacos.

122 W Route 66, Williams

the Fiesta homemade cooking grill restaurant's streetscape promotes fajitas and margaritas. Its front door is central to two large glass windows on either side, posted with pictures of the delicious food inside. The outside is two story with stone brickwork and a red awning covers the window and door with icicle lights hanging from it.

9. Historic Brewing Barrel + Bottle House

Not just serving delicious cider, lager or draft beer, they also serve great coffee. Then, the food! Be prepared to feast on perfectly cooked brisket or choose something from their All-American menu.

141 W Railway Ave, Williams

on a street corner is the cream brick building of the Barrel and bottle historic brewing company. Their signage has a black background with white writing. The wooden front door is topped with a black semi circle awning. The3 windows looking out onto the street are low to the ground and have four panes each with a semicircle at the top. They match the door and look very decorative.

10. Canyonlands Restaurant

Located at Bearizonia, this was my favourite restaurant for decorations and ambience. They have full bar service on site, and many food options to choose from. The portions of most of their meals are big, one serve could easily feed two people. Mac and cheese, buffalo wings, burgers, prime rib, chicken salad etc. So hard to choose just one dish. If you sit upstairs, there is a chance you will see the jaguars outside. However, the inside decor is amazing. It feels as if you are in a big cave. Life sized statues of animals and Native Americans are placed around the room. The roof even resembles a sky.

statues of native Americans are high up on the walls of the restaurant, mother, hunter husband and children
inside the cave like restaurant

Even writing this article and remembering all these fabulous dining options makes me hungry all over again!

Happy Travels!

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Feb 10, 2023

They all look to have something about them to check out . Brew , fun and yum !


Neil Spurgeon
Neil Spurgeon
Feb 09, 2023

In American terms, 1897 sounds a very long time ago, although on European terms it’s just the day before yesterday, now this does sound an interesting little town and clearly well worth a visit

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